Office is closed due to the Corona virus quarantine!

We are now facing a situation where the world is changing very quickly due to the Corona virus infection and the measures that the Spanish government at implementing to limit the spread of infection, for example, entry and quarantine regulations.

The Spanish government has decided to restrict citizens’ movements throughout Spain, which in principle means a curfew.

This means that we are forced to close the office with immediate effect.

We hope to be able to open April 1st if circumstances permit.

In VERY URGENT cases, you can email

We will of course update this information as soon as we have any information that changes the situation.



There are a lot of things speaking for Spain

mentally and culturally the barrier has lowered significantly with the years passed. Spain is a country who still caters to a constant increasing demand for quality, tradition, unique experiences, established networks and sustainability – something which all Scandinavians always will prioritize. Meanwhile we travel more and more often with fewer vacant days. This means that a reasonable distance to the sun and warmth also is a determining factor. One of the most common reasons for traveling to Spain these days are actually to meet family and friends who are residing here and maybe look for a place of your own in a new country?

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Idag är det Spaniens nationaldag

Kontoret stängt

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Idag fredag 9 oktober Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana

Kontoret stängt.

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Kontoret stänger pga Coronavirus!

Vi står nu inför en situation där omvärldsläget ändras mycket snabbt pga CoronaVirus.

Länder inför olika åtgärder med kort varsel för att begränsa smittspridning, det handlar om exempelvis inrese- och karantänsbestämmelser.

Spanska regeringen har beslutat att begränsa medborgarnas rörelser i hela Spanien, vilket i princip innebär utegångsförbud.

Detta gör att vi tvingas stänga kontoret med omedelbar verkan.

Vi hoppas kunna öppna upp 1:a april om omständigheterna tillåter det.

I MYCKET BRÅDSKANDE fall går det bra att maila till

Vi kommer naturligtvis att uppdatera denna information så fort vi har någon information som ändrar situationen.

Med vänlig hälsning


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